The annual Hope in Shadows calendar is sold on the streets of Vancouver and North Vancouver through our vendor program. Selling the calendar is an opportunity for our vendors to earn extra income and connect with a community. It can also be a way to practice and develop skills, build work experience, and open the door to other opportunities.

While most of the vendors we work with are Downtown Eastside residents, the opportunity is open to anyone impacted by poverty. Becoming a vendor is easy. We offer one-hour orientation sessions that each new and returning vendor attends. At the session, vendors receive all the information and tools they need to start working, including an I.D. badge, sales tip, and one free calendar to get started. After that, vendors buy each calendar for $10 and sell it for $20. All the money from the sales transaction goes directly to the vendor.

We support the vendors working with us throughout the season with monthly vendor meetings, special training workshop and social activities. Some vendors are elected by their peers to sit on the vendor advisory board, which meets weekly with staff to provide input into how the program is run.

Many vendors who sell the Hope in Shadows calendar also sell Megaphone magazine—Vancouver’s street newspaper. Megaphone provides year-round employment opportunities.

Check out this video for more information about the Hope in Shadows and Megaphone vendor program.

If you are a Downtown Eastside resident and/or are living on a low-income and are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact info[at]